Our projects

“To serve the disabled and to bring them to the main stream of the society by empowering them.”

(M.B. Sadashiv, Founder of the Sandeep Special School)

Our projects





A closer look at: Sandeep Special School


The Sandeep Special School is one of most ambitious projects undertaken by M.B. Foundation. It is the only Special School and Day Care Centre for children of various disabilities with special educators and trained vocational therapists within a radius of 50kms. It has become a ray of hope for children and their families alike. M.B.Foundation® is a registered organization with the motto, “To serve the disabled and to bring them to the main stream of the society by empowering them.” The students from Sandeep Special School belong to the minorities (those whose earnings are not enough to support their families), schedule casts (socially considered to be the lowest cast), rural tribes, and from economically backward families. Most of these students would never be in a position to be educated or medically treated without our assistance.




Current Projects


  • Sandeep Special School for the physically and mentally challenged children, who are slow learners.
  • Promoting education of children from socio-economically backward families through facilitating their admissions in government institutions.
  • Visiting government hospitals and extending help and support to patients in need.
  • Support for residents of orphanages and old age homes in forms of food and shelter.
  • Organizing awareness camps to empower women.
  • Encouragement and support to women to initiate micro-enterprises through cottage and small industries.
  • Interventions for developmental youths.
  • Organizing programs related to family welfare and health.
  • Promoting compulsory education through organizing and participating in literacy drives.
  • Implementation of welfare programs for the backward, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and minorities.
  • Support to establish education institutions, Hostels, Reading Room library.
  • Imparting vocational training to unemployed women.
  • Organizing free medical camps, HIV/AIDS awareness camps, eye and dental testing camps.
  • Organizing awareness camps on environment, pollution control and rural sanitation etc.
  • Organizing programs for development of agricultural sector.
  • Encouragement to promote fine arts, literature and sports.
  • Promoting research centre in various fields.
  • Relief and rehabilitation activities during natural calamities, disasters
  • Mobilizing development activities through donations/contributions/grants for development oriented activities.

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